Getting EIF to work on Win98 / NT4

I recently added a much needed instrumentation layer to a client's winforms app.  After checking out various logging frameworks, we decided to go with the MS “Enterprise Instrumentation Framework” (EIF) for several reasons- it is extremely easy to integrate, has support for high-end sinks such as Windows TraceLogs and WMI, and has a fairly flexible event source to event sink mapping mechanism. For anyone current using the MS Exception Management Application Block in an enterprise environment, I heartily recommend upgrading to EIF. 

However, EIF has one drawback in the context of my current project - it does not support Win98 or NT4.  Since the previous version of the app already has an massive install base (6 digits and counting...) dropping 98 support is not an option.  So, I wrote an pluggable factory/abstraction layer which allows run-time switching between logging frameworks- EIF if Win2K or above, a simpler framework if 98/NT4. Coolness. And not only does it work like a charm, the actual app intrumentation calls are simplified by the wrapper classes.


1. Is there any interest in an instrumentation abstraction layer for EIF?

2. Has anyone gotten EIF up and running under Win98?  The official requirements are Windows 2000 SP3 or above, so 98 would not be an officially supported scenario. But it still might be possible to get it to work, if someone would take the time to write a custom event sink. Has anyone tried this, or is anyone interested in participating in an open sourced project to do that?

3. I am toying with the idea of writing a tutorial article on implementing EIF.  Do you wanna see something like that? 

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