Happy New Year! Welcome To Microsoft! Resistance is futile!

Yep, I got that warm fuzzy feeling which only an email titled “Welcome To Microsoft” can give :)

In mid January I'll fly over to the campus for a NEO (New Employee Orientation) where I will get b0rg implants, have my personality matrix reformatted and recieve the official “Taking Over The World: Evil Empires for Dummies” handbook. I can't wait :)

I can't reveal much about the position or the group before I start, but in general it involves working with strategic partners/customers and the internal product teams to implement kick-ass solutions based on some of the coolest technologies on the planet. I'm thrilled (and more than a bit nervous) to have recieved this opportunity to help drive the adoption of Microsoft's next-gen technology stack. There isn't a more exciting place to be right now.

Several bloggers have already asked me to blog about my first day(s) at Microsoft. Microsoft is a bit more relaxed regarding blogs than my previous employer (a big 5 consulting firm), there are also people who have gotten themselves fired by blogging. So I'll probably restrict myself to safe/boring topics such as how smart everyone is, the beauty of the campus and lots of other stuff you know already.

oh yeah.... Happy New Year everyone! May you live in interesting times and meet interesting people!