Hello from the Sharepoint Airlift!

I'll keep it short since the wireless network here is kind of spotty:

  • Sharepoint developers can expect additional tools in the coming months, including import/export/migration tools (SPIN, SPOUT) and a Sharepoint Biztalk adaptor which can kick-off orchestration processes based on SPS events such as adding a list item.
  • An impressive number of 3rd party vendors are working on niche solutions for SPSv2. It is very encouraging to see this trend- v2 has only been out for weeks and already has as many 3rd party tools as v1 does.
  • v2 is approaching critical mass regarding the experience and best practices which Microsoft and HP have accumulated. There is enough knowledge out there today to undertake large SPS projects with low risk of “unknowns“.
  • Microsoft is working on publishing much more information for the sharepoint community - a MOC, whitepapers, even some code samples. The hands-on labs we have here at the airlift are first-rate.

Hopefully when the event is over I'll have time to post a more detailed review. There are lots of Microsofties here to hang out with though so I might do that instead :)