Is VB.NET falling behind C# ?

Looking over the new features planned for C#  and then for VB.NET  it seems (at least at first glance) that C# programmers are getting lots of new goodies which the VB guys aren't.  So far MSFT has gone to great lengths to keep both languages equivalent, but it seems that either the VB team is one release behind the C# team in 2003, or that the language specifications are beginning to diverge.  In the early .NET days there were rumors that C# would eventually evolve toward supporting hardcore developers while VB would get dumbed down and center more on easy-of-use (which usually means lots of wizards). In a way it kind of makes sense - your average ex C++ programmer would probably get alot more out of generics than the average VB6 programmer.  And I shudder to imagine the VB.NET syntax involved in defining that :)

I personally prefer to see both languages develop in the same direction, hopefully more or less at the same speed. 

Opinions anyone?

 CORRECTION: (3/14/2003)

I just noticed that the VB dcoument was written for VS.NET 2003, while the C# future features are referring to the "Visual Studio for Yukon" version of the C# language. There is no point in comparing apples and oranges so I guess you can ignore this whole post...