LINQ for mere mortals @ NJ Code Camp, this Saturday (Oct. 15th)

If the LINQ materials currently available on the web make your head spin (Lambda Expressions?  Query Comprehensions /w Extension Methods and Inline Initialization of Anonymously Typed objects? huh?) then you are invited to the the NJ Code Camp this Saturday. 

I'll be trying out a new & novel approach to explaining LINQ - We will begin with a simple .Net 1.1 application, then port it to 2.0, and finally over to LINQ under C# 3.0, while highlighting the differences and related language improvements in each step.  All this in 60 minutes! This will turn out to be either a totally awesome session or a total train wreck, but whatever happens- it will surely be entertaining to watch :)   

There are a total of 24 sessions (6 timeslots * 4 rooms) on a variety of topics so check out the agenda.