More on the RSS front


Over the weekend I got a bare-bones NNTP handler up and running, so my backyard RSS aggregator is now also my news reader.  That forced me to move from XML data files to an MDB format, mainly because of the sheer amount of text content which is accumulating.

Another cool step forward is full-text indexing, which is also functional.  Many thanks to you-know-who for giving me the C# library which does that. Performance is awful but I done any optimization yet so I can't complain.

Next on my to-do list is subscriptions, ie. if anyone mentions Matrix and Trailer then I want to know about it, without me manually "polling" my application all the time.

Before anyone asks- This stuff is all just me playing around with ideas. There is still a very long distance to go before any of that code will ever see the light of day :)

Oh, and I got a new car too.