My first month at Microsoft (Time Flies When You're Having Fun)

Wow, that went by really fast. So let’s see, how can I even begin to describe what it is like working at Microsoft? This post might be a bit biased; I seem to have overdosed on the cool-aid J

First of all: my project. When complete, it will demonstrate how a state government can leverage some of Microsoft's newest technologies to improve the quality of life for thousands of families. It will probably even save a few lives every year. I'm really psyched about working on this one. How often can a software developer brag about saving lives? The project will also help drive the sale of a few thousand Tablet PCs and a ton of other Microsoft technologies, which is also a Very Good Thing.

Secondly: the technologies. The product I am using is an alpha version, meaning we get an occasional “oh yeah that doesn’t work yet” from the dev teams. Watching the product evolve is also really cool… wondering which features will show up in the next build makes every day a bit like the day before Christmas J. And it isn’t a one way street. I already contributed to at least one DCR (Design Change Request) which might make it into the upcoming version.

Thirdly: the environment. As a consultant I have seen dozens of firms from the inside. However I have yet to see one which comes even close to the folks here. Microsoft simply has it all. From the campus shuttle-buses to the internal websites to the helpdesk guys that know everything about everything, there is an incredible support infrastructure in place to ensure that nothing slows me down.

Lastly: the people. It has been said before, but you have to see it to really understand it – the people here are smart. Scary smart. And.driven, driven, driven. Send someone a mail at almost any hour and you will likely get a reply 5 minutes later. Get enough of these people together in the same room and you can change the world. Come to think of it, we are already doing that…

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