Just wanted to let y'all know that Nunit 2.0 rocks !  As if you didn't know that already...

The NUnitAddIn is also very cool, although it is far from stable. I find myself stopping the service and restarting VS.NET every few minutes when working with it, but it is definitely worth the added trouble.

Can anyone recommend a good unit testing standards set? Currently for each of my namespaces I am adding a ".UnitTests" child namespace, and placing in there a test class for each of my classes (more or less) which has the same name with a "_UnitTest" suffix.  So it would look like this:

{} MyNamespace
         +  MyFirstClass
         +  MySecondClass

{} MyNamespace.UnitTests
         +  MyFirstClass_UnitTests
         +  MySecondClass_UnitTests

This is working fairly well for me so far, but it doubles the number of namespaces & classes in the project which is a bit annoying to work with. Has anyone actually imbedded their unit tests inside their classes? If so, is there any way to filter out those methods when compiling for release?

I'll check it out and post my results....