[OT] Hellboy Rocks

I just saw the sneak preview of HELLBOY in New York, complete with a short introduction from Ron Perlman & Selma Blair. And they gave away cool Hellboy posters on the way out :) Without giving away too much (if the trailers haven't already) let me say just that this movie had just the right blend of action, humor and fantasy for my tastes. While this certainly is no Matrix/LOTR, I had a blast with it and I might just go again in a week or two. In summary : The first kick-ass summer action popcorn flick of the year. [ Next on my list: Kill Bill Vol 2. ]

- I don't post anything for weeks, and then I go Off-Topic? WTF? The truth is I'm neck deep in an incredibly cool project with a boatload of new technologies which I can't really talk about. And even if I could, I don't have time to. And even if I had time, I still couldn't can't talk about it. Did I mention how cool it is? ;) Sorry couldn't resist!