[OT] Matrix trailer

Following Julia's post - for those of you who can't wait until tonight, here is an extremely detailed description of what you will see in the trailer:

It starts off with a long tracking shot, the camera flying along 3 huge powerlines in the desert of the real which seem to go on forever, before finally going over a rise as we see that they extend for many more miles beyond. Cut to the shot of Neo looking at that huge machine overlord orb-thing that we see in the "Control" spot, only we get more of the start of it, which actually shows that Neo is standing on the edge of some huge ledge or something, looking out over one of the "growing field" as the orb rises up infront of him and says "SPEAK!"
Fade to black, voiceover by Neo "The program Smith has grown beyond your control. You cannot stop him, but I can" various shots of Smith are played over the end of this, including the one of Smith stepping into the middle of the long raining street we've seen in the teasers, plus one of him that I'm 99% sure is him sitting at a table with the Oracle (although we don't actually see her), as well as a couple more shots of Smith and Neo standing in the rain that we've seen before.
"And if you fail?" the booming voice asks, which now appears to have a "face" of sorts. Cut to the shot of Smith flying through the wall and Neo jumping over him that we've all seen before, then back to Neo, his eyes covered in bandages, the same angle as he says the "Smith" bit before in the "Control" spot. "I won't" he replies, after which we see a "jack spike" enter his head, indicating that he jacks into the Matrix immediately after making this 'deal' with the machines.
The green WB/Village Roadshow logos appear, then we get the shot of Trinity from "Help" saying "Do you know what happened to Neo?", then we get a shot of Neo against the white wall of the train station, followed by the one of that huge war machine from the teasers.
Oracle voiceover: "He is trapped in a place between this world and the machine world." As she says this we get a shot of Neo sitting up on the train station with the white wall behind him, the little girl (Rama's daughter from the newly released pictures) standing by his side, followed by the first ever shot of 01, standing like a giant castle in the desert of the real, surrounded by growing fields. It looks as though it's made up of huge cylinders, all blueish-red in tone, and appears to be absolutely massive.
Fade to white: the shot of Trinity, Morpheus and Seraph descending the stairs into Club Hel that's been shown in many of the teasers plays next and a voiceover by the Merovingian begins. He says "Bring me the eyes of the Oracle and I will give you back your....'saviour'." As he says this we see a new shot of the exiles surrounding Trinity, guns drawn. Then we see Neo standing by a train with Rama and his wife and daughter next to him, the long-haired "Train Man" infront. The Train Man punches Neo in the chest as the family look on, and he goes flying backwards, smashing into the white wall, which breaks on impact (the voiceover is still going on).
Cut to the Merovingian sitting on a sofa/seat talking (so the voiceover technically ends here as we see him speaking the res of it), holding a glass of wine very casually, then to Neo on his hands looking to his side (still in the train station, so obviously looking at the Train Man after having been laid into).
Lots of Matrix code then flies out from the screen, before cutting to, basically, the exact same opening as the "Enemy" TV spot, with Neo having a jack plug pulled from his head, Smith saying "Mr Anderson" (voiceover the shot of Bane waking up that we've seen before instead of the WB/VR logos though like in the TV spot), then Neo saying "Who are you?!" and which a bloodied Bane/Smith replies "Look past the flesh...(cut to 'burning Smith face')...and see your enemy."
Neo - "It's impossible!" then the shot of the dozens of Smith's walking through (we assume) the Oracle's door, before cutting back to Bane with the voice over from him saying "Not impossible - INEVITABLE!" before we once again see the shot of Smith laughing like crazy that we've all seen many times now.
Next we get the shot of the APU's (Zion mechs) walking across the dock that we saw in the International Trailer, followed by the two shots of that huge drill falling down and smashing into the ground in Zion from a couple of the new TV spots. While this is happening we hear another voiceover from Commander Lock saying "In less than 12 hours the machines will breach the dock walls", after which we get a low-angle shot of the Zion docks, which are absolutely gigantic, far, far, far larger than we ever saw in Reloaded, and from the very top we can make rubble falling down as the machines try to smash their way through.
Cut to a shot of Sentinels swarming through a tunnel towards the camera (one we've seen before in some of the TV spots) and a voiceover from Mifune, who says "If we have to give our lives, WE'LL GIVE 'EM HELL BEFORE WE DO!!!" we cut back to his face as he says the last part and we can see just how determined he is as he defiantly shouts to his men, who we cut to next, all assembled infront of him in their APU's, all cheering and raising their right gun arms up in the air much like the people did after Morpheus' speech in Reloaded.
Then we go back to Neo and the shot in which he says "Can Zion be saved?" which, again we've seen recently in the TV spots (can't remember which exactly but you know the shot I mean). Then a shot from behind one of the APU's as it slings it's arms/guns behind it's back, locks in two ammo-belts from its back then brings them round to the front again, followed by a few shots of many other APU's all raising their guns high to the ceiling, ready to open up on whatever is about to break through (the last of which shows Mifune again).
Yet another voice over accompanies this, this one again from the Oracle who say "Tonight the future of both worlds will be in your hands; or in his." After the APU's shots are done we see the one of Link and Zee embracing in a huge cavern in Zion that's been shown before, followed by the ones of Smith and Neo on the raining street both clenching their fists, Neo walking along the rows of Multi-Smiths, and that familiar couple of shots; "Mr Anderson welcome back! We missed you." - "It ends tonight."
Again the footage we've all seen many times now of the two of them running towards each other at full-force, this time to a new, pounding beat getting faster and faster as they get closer and closer until BOOM! The new trailer music starts. It's sort of like Tarawa in that it's choral and dramatic, but it's definitely nothing we've heard in any of the teasers of TV spots until now.
It plays over Neo flipping backwards then kicking off the wall which creates a circular "shockwave"-type effect on the wall, the same couple of shots from the ETM teaser, followed by a shot of Neo and Smith hitting each other in mid-air with a huge bubble-like shockwave emanating out around them and going up the skyscrapers around them (the same shot that's in "Future") and then the "door with loads of dead Sentinels getting blown off its hinges" shot.
Cut to a new shot of Neo and Bane grappling over a "lightening gun", swinging it past the camera so that the electricity goes just under the screen followed by the opening shot of "Future" which shows a Club Hel guard flipping upside down in slow-motion onto the ceiling, and after that we see the slo-mo shot of the gun flying up in mid-air over the Merovingian's balcony that's also in "Help", and finally the shot of the Train Man jumping across infront of the "Loop" train.
Then we see Morpheus in the real world who says "You've never believed in The One", then to Niobe (also in the real world) saying "I still don't; I believe in him" and then to a shot of Neo hugging Morpheus, which almost looks like a "goodbye" sort of moment to me. A couple more shots of Sentinels swarming through pipelines then a shot of a Zion operator (although not inside a ship) frantically saying "THE DOCK IS BREACHED!", then to Morpheus saying "Here they come."
From here it's all-out carnage, loads of shots of APU's blasting away at dozens and dozens of Sentinels which have burst into the Zion docks, a couple of which we've seen in some of the TV spots but mostly new stuff (including a woman firing a double rocket-launcher at some of them), and it all looks very intense indeed and incredibly action-packed. My anticipation for The Siege just went up several more notches I know that!
As those shots end a Morpheus voiceover begins saying "Neo is doing what he believes he must do" over a shot from behind Neo of him walking along an all-orange corridor which appears to be part of 01 (leading to the machine overlord?). The final part of the voiceover is said as a shot of Morpheus (in the real world) appears, thus technically ending the voiceover.
Cut to a shot of the huge "Maser Cannon" (seen in "Future") blasting away, another shot of Sentinels approaching the camera, then to Trinity in a hovercraft holding Neo's hand (we also see Neo looking at her, without his blindfold or bloodied eyes) saying "If you tell me we'll make it I'll believe you." We then get a shot from outside said hovercraft where we can see it's following the three powerlines towards 01, or what we assume is 01 (it doesn't look like the same citadel we see earlier in the trailer, it's what we all *thought* was 01 in the TV spots).
While that shot is showing Neo is saying "We'll make it; we have to."
The rest of Morpheus' voiceover then begins again, this time over several shots that we've seen before in many of the TV spots of Neo, blindfolded, reaching out his hand and blowing up some of the Sentinel-like flying machines, with lots of explosions around his hovercraft. Morpheus says: "I don't know what he can do to save us, but I do know that as long as there is a single breath in his body he'll never give up; and neither can we."
Something of note in this section is that we can clearly see that it is NOT 01 exploding in a massive fireball as some had speculated, but rather all the machines that were flying towards Neo and Trinity's hovercraft that are blowing up, as Neo reaches out his hand to destroy them. We even see a shot from directly above the craft as it flie through the explosion with lightening or electricity of some sort shooting out from the cockpit and zapping any machines in the way, thus clearing a path through the explosions.
Then (while Morpheus' voicover is still going on) we get 2 new shots of The Superbrawl, which show Neo and Smith grappling with each other, twisting and spinning in mid-air against the backdrop of skyscrapers, much like the shot we saw of them grappling in the TV spots but from different angles. After that we see the shot of the Sentinel apparently slamming straight into the cockpit of Neo and Trinity's craft followed by the one of the "orange ghost Sentinel" flying into/through Neo, then a shot of Neo giving the "just bring it" hand motion, the picture for which was released not long ago.
And this point Morpheus has reached "he will never give up" and we cut back to him to finish his voiceover off as he says "and neither can we."
Finally we have a quick montage of various shots, in this order: The shot of something in the real world exploding (not sure what it is though, we've seen in various teasers before, it's the thing that's blowing up right when "Absurd" starts to play in the ETM teaser), a close-up shot of Trinity hugging Neo, the shot of Smith apparently taking over the Oracle seen as Matrix code, the shot of Smith lifting Neo up inside the crater reaching back to punch him and lastly the infamous "Logos against the blue sky" shot.
The title then descends onto the screen in green code, "The Matrix Revolutions" and the trailer ends.