[OT] One of these links is not like the others...

I was googling "HL7" (for anyone lucky enough not to need to know: it is a healthcare-related interface format) and noticed the following targetted ads... Can you spot the odd link? 

All Things HL7
Tools, Consulting, and Training.
Your source for HL7 solutions.

HL7 training
Learn HL7 from CD or on-line
Also textbook and seminars

Free Interface Engine
HL7, X12, NCPDP / 2 trading partner

Codeless HL7 Integration
Dynamic transformation and mapping
- via XML - of complex HL7 data.

Naked Girls Live on Cam
Chat Live With Sexy Amateur
Girls Willing To Do Anything!

Shame on you Google!  Warning: It might be Not Safe For Work so click at your own risk. I didn't. :)

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