[OT] One step closer to geek movie heaven

The new trailer for Episode 3 is out - http://www.aol.com/starwars/trailer/index.adp?type=lrg
<edit> as David Taylor so politely pointed out, that link points to the old trailer from Nov 2004. The new one air will air on March 10th. My mistake, sorry! </edit>

Will Lucas finally deliver the goods, or will this movie continue the loosing streak of Episodes 1 and 2?   The trailer looks awesome, but so did the trailers for the previous movies. This time I'll play it safe and try to keep my expectations low.  <yeah, right, who am I kidding>

This is going to be a great summer for Sci-Fi movie geeks - Ep3, HHG and the Doom3 movie, all within a few months of each other.