Premptive "Matrix Reloaded" Post

5 hours and 35 min. left until the movie.... I promise to find an appropriate place to blog my non-dot-net related Matrix Reloaded impressions, and I hope everyone else does too :)   

And now on to the important stuff:

1. Can anyone explain why MyRecordSet.Clone() clones only the structure and not the data? What were they thinking??

2. Does anyone have experience with 3rd party grids in realtime environments? I am familiar with Infragistics, SyncFusion and ComponentOne but have not perf-tested them with multiple updates per second or situations which require selective repainting of partial rows.

3. Has anyone used CORBA.NET ( or a similar libaray for accessing CORBA classes from within managed code? I could go the long way and embed C++ into my solution but I would prefer a solution which someone else has already debugged :)

And after reading Roy's great RegEx articles, a tip for RegEx users:
Never use them in an inner loop of a routine that needs to be fast. There is a price to pay for all the coolness that they give you, and that price is performance. I have used Regexes in the past during the development phase for their elegance and flexibility, and then later replaced them (during testing & optimization) with ass-ugly hardwired code which gave performance improvements of 100% or more.  

<Let the flaming begin....>