Productivity, ListViews, going dark and more

I haven't been posting much lately, and chances are that I will go totally dark for the next few weeks. Bummer.

But anyway, until I get back:

1. Improve your ListView performance - instead of creating and adding ListViewItems in the same loop, create an array of ListViewItems and add them in one step using the .AddRange method. I showed this to a developer on the team and his listview performed over 1000% better with large lists (>1500 records)

2. Did you notice that DictionaryEntry isn't a class - it is a structure?  

3. Two monitors are sooooo much better than one. I finally broke down and got a DVI to VGA adaptor (costs ~10$). I hooked up an old 19” to my Radeon 9800. Last but not least I installed UltraMon. Now I can view my XML at 2560*1024 - cool! My productivity just went shwing...  

4. Everyone go tell Roy that freezing his ass off in Norway is no reason not to post!