Seattle is a Bloggers Mecca

Thanks to Walt Ritscher for letting me know about tonight's blogger meeting and giving me a ride there and back.  The event itself was geeky beyond belief - when I got there two guys were sharing a OneNote document on their tablets over the wireless network while a third was showing off Firefox's ink gesture support which he helped develop. There were about 5 tablets around the tablets and multiple laptops as well.  But the geekiness was infectuous and everyone there was extremely nice, so all in all it was a great experience.  I finally met in the flesh some online personas such as Maurice Prather (of BlueDog fame), LazyCoder Scott Koon and of course Scoble. I also met a bunch of new folks - TDavid,  Kristi Heim (from the Seattle Times), and Jay Fluegel who is a PM for the newly released MSN Spaces service. 

The things that suprised me most was the number of people (between 30 - 40) and the composition of the group: hardcore geeks, students, women (a rare event at previous blogger dinners) and even a few whole families complete with infants. Seattle is truly a blogger mecca.

And thanks to the dude who gave out all the cool Japanese stuff. I didn't catch your name but the DVD rocks!

Update: The cool dude is Jake of , and Anita Rowland has a list of all 36 attendees. Thanks again guys, I had a great time.

Update #2: Pics of the event are here. The last picture in the batch prominently features the back of my head :) link courtesy of Scoble.