Second Day at Microsoft

Today is actually my third day here, here is a quick summary of yesterday:

1. The floodgates have not yet opened but the trickle of information I have so far is already enough to drown in.  A quick search regarding a product returned over 100 related discussion lists. Wow....

2. I have always hated the MS bloggers for constantly saying this, but now I can see that it is unavoidable: there are so many cool things going on here which we can't talk about!  

3. Free soda rocks. The reviews of yesterday's choices:

  Diet Coke - the Default.
  Diet Cherry Coke - Not sure what it is, but definitely not cherry. The aftertaste is worse than regular diet coke too.
  Diet Dr. Pepper - Stronger than diet coke. You either like it or hate it. I liked :)
  Diet Berry Ice - A weak watery taste. I couldn't finish the can.
  Diet Sprite - seemingly sweet but develops an annoying aftertaste after a few sips.
  Diet Mountain Dew -  MD is usually better than Sprite but diet MD tastes like a low-carb beer after being left open for a week - yuck!

On the menu for today - the fridge with the juices!

4. With beta software, complain about the features that don't work. With alpha software, be thankful for the features that do.

5. I'm on the central campus - does anyone want to get together for lunch today?