So much to blog, so little time...

I've been dark for a few weeks, and will probably remain so for another month - I'm so swamped in work that I don't even have time to blog!  I'm reduced to slipping in mini-posts such as this one at 3:45am, and tomorrow is a regular work day... bleh.

Well, at least I'm overloaded with interesting work - it could have been much worse. On my TO-BLOG list (If I ever get around to it):   thoughts on the SVG spec and its implementation by various vendors; a brilliant rant by a co-worker of mine regarding XML-based CSS;  various 2003 Server wierdographies ;  things learned while profiling my parser/interpreter; bandwidth friendly XML alternatives; typed dataset best practices; how not to write unit tests.

And on the bright side of things, only 138 hours left until Matrix Reloaded :)