Who really needs the PDC?

[Royo] feels left out because he can't make it to PDC. Well I won't be there either, and I'm really not upset about it at all.

Dude, the PDC isn't targeted at you.  You should feel bummed out only if you miss TechED. THAT is the premiere event for developers.  PDC is for early-adopters who *need* Longhorn information today in order for their product to run on it in 2005. Companies who have shrink-wrapped server or desktop products. Companies whose products, services or business model are tightly tied in to the OS. Those are the ones who will gladly spend $2K just to maybe chat with scoble in the hallway. Everyone else can just read the blogs and download the PPTs.

Choose you battles wisely and make sure you get to the TechEd. Hopefully we can meet there - I haven't seen you for what, 4 months now??

Anyway, congratulations on your new job!