WssDal - a Sharepoint Web Services alternative

AboutĀ 2 months ago I asked if anyone was interested in an alternative to the WSS webservices. A few people responded and tried my WssDal library. The general consensus seems to be that while itĀ isn't perfect, it is useful enough to continue developing. So if anyone else wants to give it a test drive, the library (complete with full source code, some light samples, setup instructions and documentation) is available HERE.

Bug reports, feature requests, etc are most welcome. If there is any interest in collaboration I'll happily open a workspace on GDN or SourceForge for this.

As with any code downloaded from my blog: you use this at your own risk. See the full disclaimer on my blog homepage if you don't know what I mean by that.

3/7/2005 Update: In the first 5 days WssDal was downloaded over 200 times. So how about some feedback? I want to make it better, but I need your input!