Architects breakfast in Microsoft Argentina

One of the events I enjoyed the most prior to joining Microsoft was the architects' meetings and now I’ve been given the possibility to organize such events  so I’d like to share with you some details of the latest meeting:

We gathered with ~40 architects from a wide spectrum of local organizations and kicked off this year’s architects meetings with talks around Windows Azure and Windows 8 (more details below).

We plan to organize the next meeting in a couple of months, probably with an hybrid approach of traditional lectures and lightning talks to allow dynamic discussions….so stay tuned! You can join the Architects community group at linkedin, where the discussions and main communications take place.



Building Hybrid Applications

Martin Salias, Alejandro Jezierski and Jorge Rowies from Southworks shared approaches for integrating the cloud with on-premise systems that are included in Patterns and Practices’ book “Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure” , making hybrid solutions that can satisfy the elasticity and availability of the cloud while some components run on the corporate network.

Some useful resources include:

Their presentation is here.


Metro Apps

Matías Iacono and Ruben Altman, from Kinetica Solutions shared some UX considerations for developing metro applications with HTML and JavaScript, such as the use of content over chrome (layout, interaction, navigation), typography, Windows 8 architecture, In-box controls for metro style apps, etc.

Their presentation is here