Windows Azure 5 Month Pass for Educators

As part of my activities as Evangelist in the DPE team I joined 2 weeks ago, I've been working with some Universities and academic institutions that are including Windows Azure as part of their curricula.

I think this is an exciting initiative that we are glad to help with, but what's more exciting is the possibility for those educators to be able to apply for 5-months Windows Azure Academic passes with the following services (thanks Matias for the heads-up!):

Windows Azure
•2 small compute instances
•3GB of storage
•250,000 storage transactions
•100,000 Access Control transactions
•2 Service Bus connections

SQL Azure
•Two 1GB Web Edition database

Data Transfers (Per Region)
•3 GB in
•3 GB out

You will find the basic information and instructions to apply at the Windows Azure portal here and also Lee Stott from UK shared a complete FAQ with more information.