How to enable logs for MTM?

Here are the steps you should perform to enable MTM logs: -

  • Go to the MTM installation directory (typically it is something like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\)
  • Open the MTM configuration file (mtm.exe.config) from an administrative prompt.
  • Change the trace levels to 4/verbose and add a trace listener.

<!-- Trace settings for MTM -->
<!-- Change the value to change the level of tracing you want.
You must use integral values for "value".
0 ==> off,
1 ==> error,
2 ==> warn,
3 ==> info,
4 ==> verbose.
Note that each value is inclusive of the last.
<add name="UITestTraceLevel" value="0" />
<add name="EqtTraceLevel" value="4" />
<add name="TestManagement" value="4" />
<add name="TeamBuild" value="4" />
<add name="TeamFoundationSoapProxy" value="verbose" />
<trace autoflush="true">


<add name="myListener" type="System.Diagnostics.TextWriterTraceListener" initializeData="C:\temp\MTM_Trace.log" />

< /listeners> </trace>
< /system.diagnostics>

  • Restart MTM and now you will observe a log file in named MTM_Trace.log in c:\temp folder.