How to run test explorer based tests from a stand-alone executable?

To run test explorer based tests from your own custom exectuable (32 bit/64 bit does not matter), you should do the following steps: -


  • Ensure that you have visual studio 2012 or above installed on your machine.
  • Download this sample (RunTests.exe) and extract it on your machine. You can use this as a starting executable and modify it as per your own needs.
  • Compile the sample and copy the output Runtests.exe to the test explorer directory (%VS Install Dir%\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\TestWindow).
  • Now try running your tests from a visual studio command-prompt using a command similar to this and it should work.

RunTests <Path to your test binary>

Note: – The APIs used in the sample are not supported and can modify in the subsequent releases of visual studio.