How to use manual Intervention (Task) in Release Management?

Couple of days we deployed our sprint 105 payload on VSTS which enabled manual intervention feature in release management. In this post, I will walk you through the steps you can perform to use manual intervention in your releases.

How to add manual intervention task in your release definition?

  • Add automated tasks in your environment as you have been doing so far. In the below environment, I have added one power-shell task.

default task

  • Add manual intervention task in your release definition environment.
    • Create a server phase
    • Add MI task in the server phase.

server container


  • Add other tasks which you want to execute post manual intervention. At the end of it, my environment looks like this.

post tasks


  • Save the release definition.

How to execute manual intervention task in a release?

  • Create a release as usual.
  • When the release reaches manual intervention task, you will observe that the UI is prompting you to resume/reject the execution. release


  • Resume it to pass the task.


  • Releases will proceed to the next phase.


That's it. You have seen that it is very easy to add a manual intervention task in an environment and it is easy to execute it.

Enjoy !!