Test management features since 2012

Ravi Shankar, my colleague in the test management team, published a list of features that we added in test case management tool in last 1 year or so. I find that list really useful, so sharing it with all of you here.

Here you go: -

VS 2012 (Microsoft Test Manager) - RTM:

· MTM Performance improvements

· Compatibility of Microsoft Test Manager with Visual Studio 2010

· Manual Testing Windows Store Apps

· Enhanced Action Logs for Windows Store Apps

· Exploratory Testing window

· Manual Test Steps Can Include Multiple Lines

· Manual Tests Includes Rich Text

· Microsoft Test Manager Test Plan Results

· Cloning Test Suites into Other Plans for New Iterations

VS 2012 Update 1:

Pause and Resume in MTM

Populate test suites using hierarchical queries in MTM

Edit test cases during execution in MTM

Automatic updates in MTM

Other enhancements in MTM

VS 2012 Update 2:

Test Plan/Test Suite Cloning in MTM

Light-weight Browser based Test management & Execution

Customization of test result fields and marking test results as NA in MTM/Web

VS 2013 Preview

View step attachments inline during execution, Add attachments and Pause/Resume tests in Web

Inline editing for tests during execution in Web

Test Plan Creation, Test Suite Mgmt, Parameter editing from Web