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Capability Mapping: A Foundation for Service-Oriented Architecture (ARC09-TLC)

Service-Oriented Architecture is a very interesting concept to many, but until it is clearly linked to business needs its rate of adoption is likely to be slow. This challenge confronts all Enterprise Architects, so how can this challenge be addressed? One answer is the creation of a business architecture foundation, defined as a collection of Business Capabilities. This presentation provides an overview of Business Capability mapping and the use of this technique in the Microsoft Services Business Architecture (MSBA) framework. It discusses the tools that help map, understand, and quantify the capabilities of an organization. It also attempts to position Business Capability mapping in a broader context and illustrates how capability models can be a foundation for Service-Oriented Architecture.

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Service Capsules: A Language and Patterns Perspective on Service Design and Implementation (ARC02-TLC)

Service design and implementation for the purposes of organization (re)design and (re)engineering is plagued with conceptual difficulties. Business analysts like to explain how an organization works by describing its business activities in terms of functional models. This is inadequate because such models only consider behaviors, or inputs and outputs. Rationally constructed models favored by IT professionals are also inadequate because they take a physical or implementation view on the problem. Organizations are special; they consist of people as social individuals. Organizations 'work' because people enter into and comply with commitments towards each other established through natural language communicative acts. This session describes how organizations 'work' taking a social systems rather than rational perspective. Hear about various areas of Service design like messages, communications, business events, the business transaction pattern, business processes, and roles. A new implementation artifact called the Service Capsule is proposed whose contract definition is a composition of a social workflow-based contract and functional operation-based contract. This convergence helps us to better conceive and build constructive models of 'work' in organizations in a way that is consistent with a social systems perspective.


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