JOURNAL Completes 4 Seasons

Originally Created: 2005-01-31

It has been several years now since .NET hit the streets and created momentum around Microsoft’s vision of connecting people and processes together, anytime, anywhere and on any device. This vision was built on Web services standards implementations on .NET and broad adoption in the technical community. Both prerequisites have been achieved, not only on .NET but also on other vendor platform offerings. With this has come a better understanding of the new possibilities for application architectures, specifically SOA which, I would argue, is the first expression of that understanding.

We are seeing the architectural ideas behind SOA being adopted in many areas of the overall system solution. These are not restricted just to the application layer because of resulting productivity and business benefits. For instance, integration, interoperability, management, operations, testing, security, data and user interface aspects of system solutions can each be viewed from the perspective of service-orientation. A so-called service oriented convergence (SOC) phenomenon is taking place, at least conceptually, amongst the architectural thinkers I have been working with lately. ...

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