Mexico Regional Architect Forum 2008

Last week I had loads of fun delivering a CCR-DSS-Robotics presentation at the Mexico Regional Architects Forum (RAF) in Mexico City. There’s something wonderful about this technology that set many people abuzz and I had some great conversations and brainstorming with some customers over drinks at the evening cocktail party. I find there's a very strong connection to enterprise scenarios and I gave a number of examples of how CCR-DSS could be used in common enterprise situations. I only hope we can get permission to publish some of our internal case studies on how some big enterprise customers are using this stuff in pretty impressive ways.

Many thanks to Vlad Vinogradsky; Marc Mercuri; George Chrysanthakopoulos; Henrik Frystyk Nielsen and Charles Liptaak for their material which I mashed together! Vlad did a great job putting together a compendium of samples that illustrate the basics of programming against the CCR which was extremely useful. To gain the most out of it, you must read Jeffrey Richter's MSDN magazine article on the CCR.

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I also did a keynote presentation on Business Architecture and explained some of the recent fine-tuning being made to the MSBA methodology and I was able to demo a prototype of the new SQL-backed MSBA Entity Modeling Tool and Repository which replaces the unwieldy Excel-based heat maps and repository. My thanks here go to Mike Lloyd of Carbonflame who came up with a pretty neat Flex Index which helps contrast Capability models to Organizational Hierarchies, Process Optimisation and IT Infrastructure models. (Mike has been a long time proponent of MSBA since the days it was referred to a Microsoft Motion.)

I want to say what a pleasure it was for me to be in Mexico City which I thought was fabulous even though I saw very little of it. The food was superb and quite different to the commercialised Mexican food I have experienced in Europe and USA. The people I met are so easy going and friendly. Juan Lozada Villas, the D&PE Director, treated the RAF speakers to an evening at an authentic and apparently famous Mariachi restaurant (I think it was called Tarana?) which was awesome! I had an excellent education in Tequila from Jesus Hernandez Sanchez and tasted a number wonderful varieties. My favourite was Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo and the Reposados generally... I bought three bottles at the airport Duty Free!

One last thing... Feliz Cumpleaños to Eduardo Nava Malagon! Sorry we didn't manage to sing to you during the keynote!