Say Jambo to Tafiti!

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If verticalized search is on your wish list check out this new way of doing it. It requires Silverlight and works in a variety web browsers.

Tafiti is built with Windows Live Search and SilverLight. The tree view and ability to store and share custom search collections is pretty cool stuff. Jackson Fish - a new company in the delightful Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle - worked on the project with my good mate Marc Mercuri in our Platform Incubation team.

Jackson Fish describe Tafiti as follows:

Named for the Swahili term for research, Tafiti acknowledges that the search experience is going to get more specialized. Tafiti focuses in particular on people using search engines to do research. With built in facilities for making stacks of hand chosen web results, viewing them, and sharing them with others Tafiti starts to explore that space. There’s even a “passive search consumption feature” or as we like to call it “a screensaver” that lets you explore a set of results deeply “hands free”.

Go to and enter your search query.

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P.S.With a few more application patterns added to this solution it could become an even better and excellent example of a Software + Services application. I'm thinking of integration with on-premise (enterprise) search, a smart client and a device client. Imagine what you could do with this concept if you hooked it up to the BDC and PerformancePoint!