SOA for Industrial Strength Applications: A Workshop

Originally Created: 2004-09-14

Wow, I've been AWOL for far too long! Two reasons: a) It was a long and busy summer period for me which I spent worrying about how to make the next year of work as fun as the last one has been, and b) I turned off my blog referral notifications which sort of made me forget I had one!

Anyway, let me start with something light and promote a great workshop based on content newtelligence A.G. and my Architecture team developed together for Microsoft.

This content is the same stuff that begat FABRIQ, and as you all know the team that produced FABRIQ has some magic! So, bottom line, I am confident that this version of the workshop which newtelligence offers will be nothing short of excellent, and given that the creators and teachers are masters of .NET and SOA in general, it should not be missed. Any enterprise software development team considering building first class, no, should I say, world class .NET systems, should get these guys in-house. Individuals who want to compete in the tough commercial world of distributed systems development and consulting will really benefit from attending this workshop gaining very special new skills absolutely necessary for the future.

Here's a synopsis:

Building industrial strength applications based on Service Oriented Architecture principles and Microsoft® .NET requires a lot of knowledge. There are numerous technical and design oriented considerations spanning the whole application “stack” – from resource abstraction strategies and transaction control, business service and component design, presentation control logic, robust event logging, integrated security management, to performance and scalability considerations. The workshop delivers insight into the “services philosophy” and the theoretical foundations of service-compatible transaction techniques, scalability and federation patterns, autonomy and more! newtelligence’s SOA workshop is built to benefit application developers and architects.  

Where/When: Duesseldorf, October 13-15, 2004