SOA Me Your Pod Baby!

Originally Created: 2005-04-25

Last Thursday was fun! Ron Jacobs (Product Marketing Manager in the PAG Team) was over in UK giving a presentation on EntLib as part of the ongoing UK Architect Forum series of events. Clemens Vasters was also in UK doing some webcasts for my team.

Ron had this cool idea to get us together for a good banter about service orientation and hard issues in message processing. I couldn't believe it when he more-or-less proceeds to set up a mini recording studio! It was complete with amplifiers, headphones, remote microphones, and obligatory big tough carry case. Apparently he's become a PodCast junkie and lugs this gear around with him all over the world. On his PodCast site, Ron has a veritable cornucopia of interesting recorded chats with folks he encounnters on his travels... and this time, Clemens and I got PodCasted!

Go get our your Pod and happy listening!