TechEd EMEA 2008 Developers - Introducing the Windows Embedded track


Catherine Heller, Technical Evangelist on my team, has been working hard to put together a great Windows Embedded track at TechEd EMEA 2008: Developers in Barcelona, Spain | 10-14 November, 2008. She's provided a comprehensive write up of the track on her Blog - "We believe there's a huge opportunity for developers in this space, especially as solutions begin to span devices, the PC, and the Web."

I'm presenting at TechEd too, in the Architecture track. My session is:

ARC313: Decentralized Software Services in Action: Architecting Integration and Grid Patterns using the CCR & DSS Toolkit 2008

This talk will provide a brief introduction to the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR), Decentralized Software Services (DSS), and Visual Programming Language (VPL). They ship as part of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio and the newly announced CCR and DSS Toolkit 2008. These .NET technologies are being used in non-robotics applications ranging from business processes, major web sites, retail automation, command and control systems, scientific computing, sensor-nets and much more. At the core of CCR/DSS lies a powerful concurrent messaging engine plus a REST-like protocol. This enables users to easily build applications that require coordination of messages between loosely-coupled service-oriented components within and across distributed nodes of the application spanning embedded and traditional client/server systems. To explore the applicability of these technologies to distributed systems computing we describe a couple of simple frameworks. The first shows how enterprise integration patterns can be built on DSS and composed with VPL. And the second is a system to host and dynamically deploy autonomous connected DSS services. Both can run across the full range of Windows embedded, server and client operating systems.

Day 5, Friday, November 14, 15:15 - 16:30, Room 117

Hope to see you there!