The Joshua Files

Joshua Files (small)

I was over at the neighbour's with my wife and daughters over the Xmas break and we had a chance to peek at an advance copy of a book tipped by some to be 2008's big hit in the world of children's books - "The Joshua Files - Invisible City" by our good friend MG Harris.

We've heard a bit about this over the past two years as MG has been writing. It's an action adventure story set in Oxford (where MG and I also happen to live) and the ancient Mayan ruins of Mexico (where MG was born). The hero, 13-year old Josh is an Oxford boy who finds himself propelled into a world of international conspiracy theories and jungle adventure when he starts to investigate the murder of his archaeologist father.

And it looks like no other book we'd seen - slips neatly into a transparent orange neon flexible plastic case - just the kind of thing needed to protect the book if you take it along on your adventure! Pretty eye-catching too! That's me and MG in the picture proudly displaying a copy of her book. Go get your copy now!