The Pipeline IS the App

Originally Created: 2004-07-07

So, while I've been waxing lyrical about FABRIQ's beautiful pipeline architecture and how it can be used to compose primitive functionality into bigger pieces and how these can be distributed all over the place, etc., Clemens comes out with a one-liner that says it all and says it true: "The Pipeline IS the App". Period!

Examining that statement in detail really helps you understand why FABRIQ is different to the several other pipeline systems you may have come across already in the Microsoft platform and in WSE, BizTalk, and EDRA for example; why we have a pipeline fault manager; why we have a mapping between actions and pipelines; and why pipelines are hosted in comfort within a node.

If you really want to get picky, then the node can be viewed as the app and so can the network. But the canonical "app" in FABRIQ is the "pipeline".