UPDATE - Business Architecture Resources (MSBA / Motion)

** = Update

The Microsoft Services Business Architecture (MSBA) methodology was formerly codenamed Microsoft Motion. I will continually add to this list over time!

** Getting Hold of MSBA

Many people have asked me how they can get hold of the tools and detailed methodology documents for MSBA/Motion and were wondering why we don't appear to have anything new published since 2006/2007. Does this mean Microsoft has abandoned MSBA? No, quite the contrary! MSBA is alive and well. MSBA is a strategic asset of Microsoft Services and is a very important competitive differentiator for our IT Architecture Practice. We use MSBA to connect more deeply with Enterprise customers and have found that it is a wonderful thing in driving stronger relationships with them - and the reasons for this are obvious.

MSBA is available to our customers through fee-based consulting engagements with Microsoft Services. Globally, we've sold 100+ Architecture Transformation engagements to major customers so far this fiscal year and this kind of momentum will ensure MSBA's continued healthy development.

You are free to use whatever information I have published on this Blog about MSBA and if you (or your organization) would like to use our tooling and other assets - like heat maps, repository, explorer, etc. - then it would make sense for you to to engage directly with Microsoft Services in your Country or local Microsoft Subsidiary and contract a qualified/certified MSBA consultant to work with you.

MSBA / Motion Overview

Capabilities to Services

MSBA / Motion Engagements

MSBA / Motion Case Studies

** Related Content

This book presents two intertwined innovations that work together to better connect business challenges to technology enablers to improve the odds for success in delivering value. Much like Motion in spirit and goes deeper than Motion in the actual creation of the high level logical solution. I found this book connects many different problem solving and solution envisioning ideas and requires one to apply quite a strong abstraction filter to make sense of it.