When Offline Files Attack!!!

Offline Files is one of those features that, when configured correctly can be of huge benefit to user experience, particularly for mobile computers. However, it also a source of problems when not configured correctly. Check out this post for one of the common ‘gotchas’

As per my other posts, rather then reinventing the wheel I’ll point you at some great reads to prime your knowledge of this topic before we go on:

Offline Files

Slow Link Mode

So one of the common issues relates to Windows 7 and Offline Files Slow Link Mode when using folder redirection (or folders made available offline for another reason) to a DFSN path.

If you’re finding that certain locations in your DFSN namespace appear as inaccessible at certain times – check out this post as I’ve had to refer a few customers here recently:


More on Offline Files to follow in another post.