Azure #HDInsight @Microsoft Openness Day

I will be speaking at Microsoft Openness day on December 5th.
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Session Abstract:
Hadoop, Kafka, Spark and NoSQL solutions have emerged as the most appropriate open source technologies for data processing at massive scale and cost effectively. Azure HDInsight is Microsoft’s OSS analytics offering available to Azure customers since 2013. It is a fully-managed cloud service for customers to do analytics at a massive scale using the most popular open-source engines such as Hadoop, Hive, LLAP, Presto, Spark, Kafka, and R. HDInsight enables a broad range of customer scenarios ranging from, data wrangling and ETL, to machine learning, to IoT, streaming and data warehousing over massive volumes of data at high scale using OSS components. It offers the full spectrum of OSS analytical engines and enable customers to build complex analytics pipelines by composing familiar OSS engines without having to explicitly manage infrastructure, deploy/upgrade software.