Visual Studio 2010: What’s in it for the testers?

Visual studio 2010 provides following key enhancements to the testers

  • Create test plans, test suites, test configurations, and test cases with individual test steps
  • Gather diagnostic information when running a test, and automatically add it to a bug
  • Record manual test steps and replay them during a future test run
  • Create automated UI tests
  • Create virtual environments that define the set of roles required to run a specific application

In this section I’ve complied some useful demonstrations and documentation from channel9 & msdn

Entry point on msdn:

Quick Start Guide for Manual Testers to Get Up and Running:

Automated User Interface (UI) Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010

Web test debugging feature in VS2010

Test Driven Development in visual studio 2010

Managing New Testing Efforts with Team Test: (Overview of Test and Lab Manager)

Defining your testing effort using test plans:

Creating manual test cases:

How to: Associate an Automated Test With a Manual Test Case and Run It:

How to: Create Test Cases from an Assembly of Automated Tests:

Setting Up Machines and Diagnostic Information to be Collected Using Test Settings:

Creating A Diagnostic Data Adapter to Collect Custom Data or Impact a Test System:

Running Manual Tests with Test Runner:

Recording and Playing Back Manual Tests:

Determining Which Builds Have Bug Fixes, New Features or Requirements:

Recommending Tests to Run That are Affected by Code Changes: