Hey, Hey We’re the Monkeys

My current team is awesome! We’re a tight little team with an interesting history and have done some great work together. It’s a sad day though. Today was John’s last day. He’s going over to work on Seadragon-ish stuff – really, really cool project! Also, in a few weeks Steve will be going to join the super-elite Windows Live Core team. So, the Monkeys are beginning to break up…

I think the Monkey started with Dave Stewart. He found some ugly little monkey to serve as our mascot (later my friend Gus drew us a cute version). The Monkey is everywhere.

We've been through a lot as a team; our division completely changing directions out from under us and our group being dissolved and dispersed throughout the company. Our particular little team was reorged into IE Mobile, but instead orchestrated our own reorg into Windows Live Search for mobile. They had a J2ME client in the works and immediately put us to work on a Windows Mobile version. In just three months we got the beta out the door and got excellent press.


(from Mobility Today)

It’s been a fun ride, and still going!