Active Directory Week on the Hey Scripting Guy Blog and Free AD PowerShell Videos at Microsoft Virtual Academy

Hello, everyone. Today I have a short post with some helpful links to share. If you are in the US, I hope you have a good Thanksgiving holiday week and not too much after-hours support. Spending time with family is refreshing for me at the holidays.

Hey Scripting Guy Blog  - Active Directory Week

The Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is a great friend and mentor to me. He invited me to write a week of Active Directory PowerShell posts for his blog. You can find these articles linked below.

I hope that you take time to read these articles for some unique content that has not appeared on my blog here. I recommend that you follow the Hey Scripting Guy blog for content on a wide variety of PowerShell topics.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Back on October 29 many of you attended the Microsoft Virtual Academy live event that I did with Jason Helmick. But I also heard from many of you that you could not attend. The good news is that all four of those modules are now online, along with another four bonus video modules that were recorded after the live event modules.

All together there is nearly six hours of free video training contained in eight modules. I recommend that you watch them all, even if you have been doing Active Directory PowerShell for a while. You will find some special tips and tricks that I have not shared here on the blog.

You can find all the demo scripts for the video series at this former post, and you can find the free videos here.

Happy scripting!