DogFoodCon 2014: Reduce Server Outages Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration


DogFoodCon 2014

I always look forward to catching up with customers and associates at the Columbus, Ohio DogFoodCon.  This is a growing IT conference, and it has become quite popular for several states around. Here is the abstract for my session Tuesday:

Reduce Server Outages Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration - Ever configured a server only to find someone changed it? Ever tracked an outage back to an unauthorized change? Tired of manually configuring new server builds? Come learn how PowerShell Desired State Configuration can help you save time building servers and reduce outages.

Attendees in the session found an overview of PowerShell Desired State Configuration and way more demos than slides. This session was a ton of fun. I hope you will start to learn PowerShell DSC and begin leveraging it to save time, money, and frustration in your environments.

Find a copy of the slides and scripts attached below. Also, here are the links I referenced for learning PowerShell DSC:

Microsoft PowerShell Team Blog

TechNet Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Overview

Windows PowerShell 4.0 DSC Quick Reference Sheet

TechNet Script Center – DSC Resource Kit download DSC Hub, ebook, forum, etc.

DSC eBook and Reference Posters from the Visual Studio ALM Rangers

Building a DSC Infrastructure, by Steven Murawski

100 Days of DSC Blog Series

Puppet Labs 2014 State of DevOps Report

Channel 9 PowerShell DSC Videos

Edge Show 123 - Desired State Configuration (DSC) with PowerShell in the Datacenter

TechEd NA 2014: A Practical Overview of Desired State Configuration, Don Jones & Jeffrey Snover

RunAs Radio Podcast with Guest Jeffrey Snover

PowerScripting Podcast DSC Episodes

PowerShell Summit North America 2014 videos


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