Editorial: Working with Legends, We’re Hiring

Today’s post is an insider’s personal view of working at Microsoft, and some links to help you if you want to join the team.

How do you like your job? I love mine.

I remember howdy giddy I was as a fresh Microsoft hire in 2010. I spent three weeks at main campus in Redmond for orientation and training. There I was at Microsoft HQ. Somebody pinch me. Is this real? Nearly six years later I still get that grin on my face when it hits me. I work for Microsoft. Wow. It has been an amazing ride, and it is far from over.


Getting hired at Microsoft is not easy. Not many people, including me, get through on their first attempt. And some never get through. But for those who do, it is amazing. As a result one of the points I enjoy at Microsoft is the quality of my coworkers and managers. No one is a slacker. Everyone is a quality person.


I am amazed at the opportunities I have to work with others from around the world, try their food, experience their culture, understand their perspective. Just this week I have traded emails and/or Skype calls with people in Australia, UK, Germany, and Romania. Each week I meet someone from somewhere else in the world, both customers and coworkers.


In my short time with Microsoft I have gotten to travel to the four corners of the US and many places in between. I have even gotten to travel internationally some. I often tell customers that, “I get paid to travel and eat.” This is the perfect job for a foodie! Facebook friends may get tired of seeing locations and meals I’ve enjoyed.


In my hiring interview my manager said, “It’s your career. What do you want to do?” It took me a minute to respond. First I had to process the fact that no other company had given me a choice as wide open as this one. My answer was, “I want to do PowerShell and speak at events.” And that is exactly what I’ve gotten to do… in more ways and places than I ever imagined possible.

Working with Legends

Every field and niche has their heroes. I have gotten to meet people who work for Microsoft, and they are “household names” in the IT industry. I will refrain from name-dropping here. Once you are on the inside, everyone is just an email or IM away. It is no surprise that they are friendly, helpful, and encouraging.


Having the autonomy and encouragement to pursue my own interests at one of the top employers in the world has been (and continues to be) quite inspirational. There is a confidence that comes with empowerment to reach your dreams. I live inspired at Microsoft.

Helping Others

In my role I help others on a daily basis. That is who I am and what I do. In addition to professionally helping others I can do the same personally. Microsoft encourages community volunteering and giving, matching employee time and donations. Also, the financial compensation I receive empowers me to help others in so many ways.

If you would like to join us at Microsoft we have many openings. Here are some links:

https://careers.microsoft.com  Search for Premier Field Engineer. We have openings in every technology in every corner of the world. Of course you can search for other titles as well. I am partial to PFE. Best job in the best company.

https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/indemand-north-america-2015 2015 Top 100 Most InDemand Employers. This listing shows you the top employers based on actual LinkedIn data. Microsoft is #4 at the time of this writing.

https://www.linkedin.com/company/1035 Microsoft’s LinkedIn page.

On a side note, I only accept LinkedIn invitations from people I know and I have worked with. I view it as a professional network for people that I have seen their work and can recommend. Please do not be offended if I do not accept your LinkedIn invitation until we have met or worked together.

Good Luck

Recently I received an email from a new PFE in Spain who said he was inspired to apply to Microsoft after reading my blog for a few years. I hope to do the same for you.

Reach out to me on Twitter or use the comments area below if I can help you on your journey.

It is an amazing time to be at Microsoft. Join us.