New, Improved Group Policy Link Report with PowerShell

A peer asked me to update one of my classic Group Policy reporting scripts this week, so I thought I would share the update with y'all.

Continuous Improvement

Over the years I have released a number of Group Policy scripts. This one shows you all kinds of goodness:

  • GPOs linked to OUs
  • OUs where block-inheritance may be turned on
  • Situations where no-override is used
  • Forensic data about the last time a GPO was linked or updated on an OU

By popular demand the improvements in this release are:

  • Unlinked GPOs are included
  • Columns are added for easy filtering where User or Computer version do not match
  • Output no longer defaults to CSV, so that you can pipe the output wherever you like

Show me some code

Call the script like this:

 .\gPLinkReport.ps1 | Out-GridView
.\gPLinkReport.ps1 | Export-Csv -Path .\GPLinkReport.csv -NoTypeInformation

You can download today's script from the PowerShell Gallery here.