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TrollSummer Time!

Hi folks. It’s vacation time, so I’m going to keep it short today.  This summer I am taking my family to Seattle on vacation. I’ve been there more times that I can count, but this time the family will get to see all of the sights for themselves rather than looking at pictures on my Facebook feed. If you ever make it to Seattle go see the troll under the bridge. For real. Check it out.


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Over the years on this blog I have created a number of short links to my most popular posts. I thought it might be handy to post a greatest hits list of these short links for easy reference and sharing. Enjoy! The GoateePFE blog home page The entire series of posts on SID history, ACL translation, SID history removal, etc. These articles expand on the chapter you can find the PowerShell Deep Dives book. Everything you need to get started with Active Directory. This is a treasure trove of links for learning more about core AD concepts. Great for both beginner and advanced AD admins. Step-by-Step: How to use Active Directory PowerShell cmdlets against 2003 domain controllers. My most popular post of all time. How To Use The 2012 Active Directory PowerShell Cmdlets From Windows 7 Free Download: CMD to PowerShell Guide for AD. Post this four-page cheat sheet in your cube for a handy reference to convert old school commands like REPADMIN, IPCONFIG, DNSCMD, etc. into PowerShell syntax. How to do PowerShell on your phone. Use these steps to set up a fun and portable PowerShell web access lab. Then you can try PowerShell from your phone, tablet, etc. Give it a try! Five free ways to script Active Directory in PowerShell Series of blog posts on AD group cleanup and other group-related goodies Oh Snap! Active Directory Attribute Recovery With PowerShell Three Steps to Migrate Group Policy Between Active Directory Domains or Forests Using PowerShell Find out more information on how to become a Microsoft Premier customer so that me and my PFE pals can come on site and help you face-to-face.

Happy holidays! (“Holiday” is “vacation” for our UK friends.) Enjoy some time off with friends and family this summer.