It's finally that part of the release when you see the end of the tunnel and there seems a good reason (or close to it) that your hair has lost more color this cycle.... we're close to shipping!

With that, of course, the marketing machine churns faster. Some results (IMO) are less than stellar: the Dinosaur ads for Office, for example. I don't associate with them and am afraid we're using motivation-by-shame to force Office upgrades. The focus studies that were done seem to have participants that had more humorous connotations and we haven't heard of a groundswell of angry faithful customers, so it must not be too bad. Oh well. Not my kind of humor.

I am, however, a fan of dubbed over movies. If they're from the far east and have folks flying in air or bouncing off of water, all the better. In fact I missed a party at WWPC earlier this month because there was such a movie playing in my hotel room and I couldn't resist. MXC and MST3K have been my favorite shows in large part due to voice overs.

In the MST tradition comes the latest installment of VS/SQL 2005 ads... if you haven't seen them already:

Not bad!

Weren't we supposed to have flying cars and colonies on Mars by now? Oh well, looking forward to having my shipping cigar in the meantime!