Big news at the BI Conference. Are you coming?

Hi folks,

It's been a while since I posted. I'm back in the Analysis Services team now where we've been busy finishing off SQL Server 2008 and working on a set of technologies that will be unveiled at the BI Conference.

I remember a conference back in the 7.0 days when we introduced OLAP Services and someone from the audience hurried outside to make a phone call. I overheard him saying "You need to see this... it's going to be big!"

This event will be one of those rare occasions where the team knows we're on to something that will change the BI market. If you're reading this and coming to the conference, besides a couple of keynotes, there is only one session that will talk about the technology in some detail. More info on that session is buried here. Until the conference, the abstract is the only information we can share, but believe me, we're itching to say more!  

If you do come by, I'll be in the back by the door waiting for people to make those calls. See you there!