New Blog Location

Hi there,

I'm a member of the SQL Server Integration Services team and previously had a blog here: sqljunkies.

Last week I ran into issues posting there and thought I'd try out this site instead. Since I work to integrate technologies, getting blogs over from sqljunkies over to this site is a great problem to have. Of course since I'm lazy I want to use an existing tool to do that but haven't been able to find anything as yet.

The first part of moving data is to get access to it. Since sqljunkies uses CommunityServer as does this site, and CommunityServer supports MetaWebLog so I should be all set, right? Sorry, no cigar. While MSDN has MetaWebLog API enabled, I haven't been able to find the URL for the sqljunkies service so here we are twiddling our thumbs.

The other way to get data out would be to use RSS or Atom but that only goes back 4 months for sqljunkies. I want to get all the content!


That sent me down the path of googling my options and I ran into several blogging tools and technologies.

Man, I've been out of it! w.bloggar seemed pretty good, and that's what I used for posting the first version of this blog. I was naive and didn't realize the editor was HTML, not wysiwyg. oh well. 

Well, no answer to the migration as yet. If you have any wisdom to share in this area, let me know. I would like to stay away from scraping HTML contents to get the content out.