At PDC this year, Sergei and I will be presenting a session on how to extend Integration Services. This is a 400 level course so will go into more details than the 300 levelĀ webcast I did earlier this week for MSDN.

Sergei has been the developer who gave us a lot of the extensibility that I talked about... the script task, script transform, managed interfaces for writing components, and of course given the fact that he holds the title of the Technical Lead of the Runtime, that's his baby too.

So, I'll probably end up being the T-shirt thrower for this talk and try to get out of Sergei's way.

It's been a while since I went to PDC, should be fun! I'm told Oleg from Ivolva will be there too. Is it a coincidence that both he and Sergei have the same last name? Perhaps, but I better brush up on my Russian!

The PDC sessions list is finally up:

Sergei and I will also plan to stick around little bit longer if you want to have a deep dive on parts of the product. Drop me a line if you'll be at the conference, it'd be great to associate names with faces.