[Step by Step] How to adjust the resolution of virtual machine in Windows XP Mode?

1. Shut down the virtual machine in Windows Virtual PC, so to exit the Windows XP Mode.

2. Open a command prompt window with elevated privilege.

3. Run the following command 

cd /d "%localappdata%MicrosoftWindows Virtual PCVirtual Machines"

REM make a copy of the configuration files

copy "Windows XP Mode.vmc" "Windows XP Mode.vmc.backup"
notepad "Windows XP Mode.vmc"

4. Modify the number in the following sections. For example, you have a computer that has a resolution rate of 1280x800, you can adjust the following numbers to 1024x640 in the ratio of 16:10. This makes Windows XP Mode display more properly in Windows mode. 

 "<resolution_height type="integer">768</resolution_height>"

 "<resolution_width type="integer">1024</resolution_width>". 

5. Save the configuration file.

6. Restart Windows XP Mode

_Contributed by Sharp Xu