KNOWN ISSUE: Various Issues Cause Error 32000 During Team Foundation Server Application Tier Installation

Problem: During the Application Tier setup, Error 32000 occurs when performing quiet execution (QuietExec) of certain Windows Installer custom actions (CAs). This may happen for the following executables:

  • Bisregedit.exe
  • SetupWarehouse.exe
  • templateuploader2.exe
  • tfsadaminst.exe

Workaround: Troubleshoot causes for this error by:

  1. Verifying connectivity exists between the application and data tiers.
  2. Ensuring data tier installation is complete, the data tier computer has restarted, and all SQL Server 2005 services are running as per the Team Foundation Installation Guide.
  3. Restoring the data tier computer to pre-application tier installation condition if the application tier setup failed previously.
  4. Uninstalling Active Directory Application Mode (Adam Instance BISGSS) and rebooting the application tier computer before starting a new installation.

Applicability: Visual Studio 2005 Team System December 2004 CTP